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Bishop's Letter

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New Church's Teaching Series

"The books in the new teaching series for the Episcopal Church attempt to encourage and respond to the times – and to the challenges that will usher out the old century and bring in the new. has no official status, claims no special authority, speaks in a personal voice, and comes not out of committees but from scholars and pastors meeting and talking informally together." Its assumed readership are "adults who are not 'cradle Anglicans,' but who come from other religious traditions or from no tradition at all, and want to know what Anglicanism has to offer." (from the Series Preface of the editor) But that does not mean (at least according to my experience, HE+) that people who have been Anglicans for many years cannot learn a lot from them also. The Mission has bought a number of volumes of the series, dealing with

  • Anglicanism,
  • the Bible,
  • prayer, worship, and the Prayer Book,
  • faith and ethics.
They are very useful for study groups, but also for private reading. All members and friends of the Mission are invited to make use of these opportunities. It would be great if we could form a group meeting regularly, and working their way through one of these books. Perhaps, we will be so fascinated that we decide to continue with another one. But this decision can of course be made only when we have finished the first book. The members of the group will decide which book to take first. If you are interested to be part of this, contact the Priest in Charge. Meanwhile, we have obtained two more books, viz.
  • Welcome to the Episcopal Church: An Introduction to Its History, Faith, and Worship, by Christopher L. Webber, 1999;
  • Dictionary for Episcopalians, by John N. Wall, 2000.

Members and friends of the Mission are invited to make use of these resources.